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You can get LPG Cylinders for your household and commercial needs. 
Branded, Company Sealed and OGRA Certified Cylinders of 11.8 kg and 45.4 kg are available .

The portable and lightweight 6 kg cylinder is ideal for camping and outdoor usage. It is also ideal for small families, and homes which need affordable and economical packaging for domestic usage.


The commercial cylinder is designed for commercial entities such as restaurants and eateries. It is also suitable for homes which have high LPG consumption.

Being the leading industrial LPG supplier of Pakistan, there is a wide range of Industries partaking in this efficient energy initiative that includes Textiles, Processing Units, Tanneries and Pharmaceutical companies. We are supplying a high quality industrial LPG cylinders to the all. 

Multi-cylinder Manifolds are an ideal solution for commercial entities which have high consumption and require higher pressure and flow of gas.

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