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The company is established in 2019 and operational in 2023 to carry out business of distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the various cities of Pakistan. It is running its business under a License awarded by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA). Ghulam Rasool LPG CO. has set up its facilities for filling and distribution of LPG throughout the country. The Company takes pride in providing excellent services. The Company is providing its services in homes as well as for business purposes. Our commitment to Zero Harm has enabled us to produce sustainable growth in the past. We set and follow high level of safety standards. The company has planned to set up other filling and storage facilities at different places in the all provinces of Pakistan. We are improving our customers fueling experience via various benefits and features. The company is also planning to get additional allocations of LPG from indigenous sources as well as will be importing LPG in order to meet the ever growing demand of LPG in the country.

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GRLPG is running its business under a License awarded by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority.

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Guidance counselors are always available to listen and guide you regarding your queries

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We have recruited and trained staff. Our wish is to see fewer but better trained staff.